PET Blowing Machine manufacturers

PET Blowing Machine

  • Provide unique design for instant mould conversion
  • The new mould base concept reduces format changeover times.
  • Cut 30% blowing costs, reduce 46% power consumption.

Product Detail

Model unit OM-SBL6S-1.5L
The Number Of Mold Cavities cavity 6
Bottle Capacity L ≤1.5L
Production Efiiciency Pcs/h 9000-11000
Maximum Diameter φ95
Bottle Neck Diameter φ15-φ38
Opening Stroke 116
Clamping Force kN 300
Stretch Stroke 350
Operating Pressure MPa 0.8-1.0
Blow Molding Pressure MPa 2.6-3.0
Dimension 7000×1750×1900
Rated Heating Power kW 200
A 295
Actual Heating Power kW 66
  A 100
Bottle Blowing Machine Power kW 8
Bottle Blowing Machine Weight T 7


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