Plastic bottle cap compression molding machine die cutting process


The die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging printed matter. It is a combination of die-cutting knives according to the design requirements of the product to form a die-cutting plate. Under the action of pressure, the printed matter or other ring-shaped blanks are rolled into the desired shape or The forming process of the cut. The indentation process utilizes a crimping knife or a crimping die to press a line mark on the sheet by the action of pressure, or to bend and form the sheet at a predetermined position by using a rolling reel.

Generally, the die-cutting indentation process is a process in which a die-cutting cutter and a crimping cutter are combined in the same template, and a die-cutting and indentation processing is simultaneously performed on the die-cutting machine, which is simply referred to as die-cutting. Process The main process of die-cutting indentation is: upper plate → adjust pressure → determine the rule → paste substrate auxiliary material → test die-cutting → formal die-cutting indentation → stripping → finished product winding or cutting into pieces → points package.

1. It adopts the hatchback design, printing and die-cutting to make contact in a progressive manner during mechanical driving, so that the pressure can be averaged regardless of the large-area background or fine print.

2. The adjustment of the plate change is simple and easy, the loss of the test material is reduced, and the production cost of the label is greatly reduced.

3, easy to operate, to solve the shortage of printing technicians.

4, printing speed between 50-200 per minute printing can be freely adjusted with a perfect ink, printing and feeding system, can print a clear and eye-catching picture.

5, die-cutting and printing are separated, easy to position.

6, the host automatically stops without paper.

7. The die-cutting seat can adjust the left and right, up and down, and horizontal angles simultaneously, and the test machine is fast and safe, ensuring the safety of the machine.

8. The laminating device is arranged between printing and die cutting, and can complete printing, laminating, die cutting and the like at one time.

9. Suitable for advanced automatic control system, no paper automatic stop, stop alarm when the set value is reached.

10, the body is streamlined, occupying less land, using electricity and power.

11, easy maintenance, the device forced oil lubrication system to ensure that the transmission components are not subject to wear and more suitable for high speed transport.

Plastic bottle cap compression molding machine die cutting process
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