Matters needing attention for correct operation of capping machine


The capping machine vacuumizes the packaging bottle and tightens it, which extends the storage time of the package, reduces the failure rate of the capping machine, and improves the packaging efficiency of the capping machine. Note during operation:

1. Rolling wheel adjustment: Place the bottle on the bracket, the bracket rises to the highest point, first loosen the lock nut to adjust the rolling wheel, so that the edges of the two rolling wheels (springs) are on the bottle At the starting point of the wire, then loosen the lock nut, and then adjust the adjustment screw so that the edges of the two thread rolling wheels are in contact with the cover. It is appropriate to put a little pressure on it, and then lock the nut.

2. Locking wheel adjustment: adjust the two locking wheels, first loosen the lock nut, adjust the locking wheel so that the edges of the two locking wheels contact the lower edge of the bottle cap, a little pressure is appropriate, and then lock the nut ( Note: The adjustment should be from loose to tight, adjust while pulling the lock).

3. Bottle cap lock: Loosen the tightening screw, remove the gland head, and then remove the entire lock, install the appropriate plastic lock on the cone sleeve, and then adjust the lifting height of the bracket to meet the work requirements.

4. Height adjustment: Turn on the machine to lower the bracket to the lowest point, then place the bottle on the bracket, loosen the brake nut, pull the adjustment screw to raise the bracket, and then adjust the appropriate distance between the bottle cap and the gland head (Generally adjusted in place when leaving the factory).

Capping machine is used to tighten and loosen the caps of plastic bottles and glass bottles (molded bottles or tube bottles). The Ouming cap compression molding machine is a highly intelligent capping device with advanced technology, unique design and easy operation which can save 46 power cost . In the whole capping process, the worker only needs to place the cap on the bottle mouth, and then the bottle is automatically sent to the capping wheel and automatically tightened to complete the capping operation.

Matters needing attention for correct operation of capping machine
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