Description of the manufacturing process of plastic compression molding machine


(1) A plastic compression molding machine prepares a mixed raw material. In strict accordance with customer needs and quality standards, select high-quality raw materials. Generally, the material for making the bottle cap is made of plastic. If the metal bottle or ceramic bottle cap is made by the user, iron, aluminum, porcelain, mud, etc. should be selected as the raw material for the production. The main raw materials are mixed with the auxiliary materials and stored.

(2) Plastic compression molding machine is hot melt. The prepared material is placed in a compressor barrel and heated in a barrel to a semi-melt flow plasticizing state. At this point the temperature inside the barrel will reach about 200 degrees. The raw materials are melted after heating and fully fused. This is an important process. The temperature control of the hot melt will directly affect the quality of the product after delivery.

(3) And mode. The material that is sufficiently heated and fused in the barrel is quantitatively released and squeezed into the mold cavity. The upper and lower molds are closed to shape the product. Molds must be carefully crafted to ensure that product shape errors are minimized.

(4) The plastic compression molding machine is cooled and released. Allow the heated product to cool sufficiently in the mold cavity. Do not cool quickly. Otherwise it will affect the quality of the cap. When the cap is cooled, it can be detached from the mold. And carry out the final cutting and padding workflow.

Description of the manufacturing process of plastic compression molding machine
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