How to operate the blow molding machine correctly


How do users properly operate the blow molding machine and what should be paid attention to? According to the technical staff, first, the preform needs to be correctly placed in the preform container, and then it is manually entered into the preform positioning device through the conveying system. Secondly, the bottle embryo mouth should be upward to avoid the inverted model, which will affect the quality of the bottle and cause unnecessary waste of plastic packaging materials. Then the preforms are manually loaded on the preform fixing equipment, so that the preforms are not loose during transportation, and then sent to the drying tunnel.

The blowing process of the blow molding machine is divided into two parts:

First, warm up

The preform is irradiated with infrared high temperature to heat and soften the embryo part of the preform to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth. The preform mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to perform the cooling operation.

Blow molding

At this stage, the pre-heated preform is placed in a completed blow mold, and the high-pressure inflation is performed inside it to blow the preform into the required bottle.

The fully automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of bottle blowing together through the operation of thea robot, eliminating the natural process of putting preheated preforms into the blow mold below. Significantly speed up production.

In addition, after the preform is heated, it is also transferred to the blowing and drawing system. Then put the pre-heated preform (preform) into the prepared blow mold (clamping), successively low-pressure blowing, high-pressure blowing, exhaust, and blow the preform (preform) into the required Bottle. After the mold is finally opened, after the bottle is formed, the bottle is transported from the bottle blowing platform by a manual ejection system device. It is worth mentioning that if the fully automatic bottle blowing machine can be operated manually, the process of naturally putting preheated preforms (embryos) into the blow mold is avoided, and the blowing efficiency is significantly improved.

Perhaps, if the bottle blowing machine can work normally and achieve the purpose of bottle molding, in addition to understanding and mastering the normal operation, the user also needs to maintain the bottle blowing machine, which can not only avoid blowing in the production process to a certain extent. The failure of the bottle machine prevents the economic loss caused by shutdown. In addition, it also helps to extend the service life of the bottle blowing machine. Generally speaking, if there is no feeding at the feeding level, you need to rush the feeding or check whether the control contactor of the elevator is in the power-on state.

If the situation of the old card feeding tray occurs, check the length of the preform (embryo). Because the length of the preform (embryo) is relatively long, it must not be placed in the preform container properly, and it may become stuck. For example, if the bottle is blown, it must not be taken out of the mold. At this time, the user can open the mold and use manual opening and closing of the mold. Or check the exhaust time setting. If the exhaust setting is normal, and there is a failure every time if the bottle is blown, it may be a problem with the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check the condition of the spring and seals.

If the bottle is always pinched and there are obvious defects, you need to see if the position of the robot is out of position. Therefore, if two robots collide with each other, you need to reset the robot manually again. This is also important because of misalignment. In other words, when using the blow molding machine, the user must operate it correctly and maintain it in a timely manner to avoid downtime during the operation of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the blow molding machine.

How to operate the blow molding machine correctly
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