How to maintain the beverage bottle blowing machine


①Coarse adjustment. Loosen the 4 front nuts of the tie rods and their pressing plates to make the adjustment template move backwards. At this time, the sprocket screw does not have the rear end but is tightly fixed on the rear pressure plate of the adjustment nut of the adjustment template, thereby eliminating the sprocket nut and the rear pressure plate. Clearance. At the same time, because the front nut pressure plate of the tie rod is loosened, the tie rod moves forward under the drive of the sprocket screw without reaction force, and the gap between the front nut and the fixed template will increase. When it is determined that all 4 tie rods move forward (4 front After the gap between the screw and the fixed template is increased), the front nut is tightened with a uniform force and the front nut pressing plate is pressed to complete the rough adjustment of the parallelism of the movable template and the fixed template. Then, after opening and closing the mold several times quickly, with the double toggle mechanism fully extended, measure the distance between the four corners of the movable template and the fixed template to calculate the parallelism.
②Fine adjustment. The method of fine adjustment is to individually adjust the position of the front nut to increase the parallelism according to the distance measured at the four corners of the movable template and the fixed template. The process of measurement and adjustment often needs to be repeated many times. Pay special attention to the following two points in the fine adjustment process: First, measure the accuracy after the double toggle mechanism of the clamping action is straightened. The damage of the mold adjustment mechanism of the blow molding machine mostly occurs when the injection machine is high-pressure mold clamping. The state of the double toggle mechanism of the mold clamping action is the closest to the mold clamping state. After the mold clamping action, under the action of the reaction force from the forward movement of the movable template, the mold adjusting nut is tightly attached to the adjusting template, eliminating the gap between the adjusting screw and the adjusting template, and the forward direction of each movement pair of the double toggle mechanism The gap is most suitable for adjustment based on this; second, use the quick opening and closing function to move the movable template and adjust the template to adjust the posture of the opening and closing mechanism. For the fixed template, movable template and adjustment template of the mechanical hydraulic injection molding machine opening and closing mechanism, only the fixed template is fixed on the horizontal bed by bolts. The movable template and the adjustment template are placed flat on the machine guide rail and can move back and forth. Quick opening and closing of the mold can automatically adjust the movable template and the adjustment template in the proper position, and the adjustment of the parallelism is very important. Therefore, after each adjustment of the front nut, the mold should be quickly opened and closed several times, and the relative position of the three plates should be corrected before the parallelism measurement.

How to maintain the beverage bottle blowing machine
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