Have you done the daily and maintenance of plastic blow molding machine?


The blow molding machine was bought back, and the company’s debugger gave detailed training on the operation and use of the equipment. For the equipment, not only had to learn how to use it, but also how to use it to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. The editor summarizes the following points for the daily maintenance of blow molding machines for your reference:
The daily and maintenance of plastic blow molding machine, we should pay attention to the following items after molding in the hollow blow molding machine:
1. The new machine must be replaced with N200 intermediate pressure gear oil or 14# oil in the reduction box within three months of operation, and the box body must be cleaned, and then replaced and cleaned once a year.
2. The oil tank must be filtered and cleaned once the new machine is started up and running for three months, and the hydraulic oil must be changed for 600 hours after starting. The hydraulic system will be cleaned regularly every year and the hydraulic oil will be replaced.
3. Before starting the blow molding machine every shift, apply grease to each grease point, and grease the rack. Lubricate the guide rail surface and the guide rail surface of the gearbox frequently.
4. Check the air pressure every day for leaks, and for leaks in the cold water system. Whether the connecting pipe is leaking.
5. If abnormal conditions are found during the operation of the machine, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, and restarted after troubleshooting.
6. Frequently check the tightening of the fasteners and correct them if they are loose.
7. When shutting down, the oil pump, air compressor and heating coil must be turned off, and all power supplies must be cut off;
8. When the machine is out of service, apply anti-rust paint to the unpainted parts and the cavity of the mold, and remove the mold.

Precautions during operation
1. In operation, the inflation pressure should be sufficient, and the blowing rate should be fast. In the production process, the molding cycle should be shortened as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the product is fully cooled.
2. In order to reduce the weight sag of the parison, the hollow blow molding machine speeds up the extrusion rate of the parison and reduces the waiting time of the mold. Strict attention should be paid to this point, and it is also to prepare for future maintenance of the machine.
3. The operator should be familiar with the forming and processing performance of plastic materials in order to make better use of the advantages of the material itself.
4. The staff must control the wall thickness and quality of the parison. This is a very important technology to support the fire.
5. In the implementation process, the temperature, rotation speed and P value of the melt should be controlled well.
6. When the machine is in operation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient exhaust air when the parison is inflated.

Have you done the daily and maintenance of plastic blow molding machine?
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