Development prospects of hot-fill beverage caps


The increase in demand for hot-filled beverage bottle caps is mainly driven by the continuous development of new beverages such as yogurt, flavored milk, soy milk, and energy drinks. Bottled water and beer already occupy a large market share, but will still occupy an absolute share of beverage demand.

Other factors that affect the development of bottle caps include:

1. Some large-capacity beverage packaging will affect the size and appearance of related bottle caps;

2. Another development direction is small packaged beverages. Among them, small packaged water and sports drinks will become the main driving force for development;

3. The demand for paper-capped beverage bottle caps including juice, honey and liquid milk is also rising.

Plastic bottle caps occupy most of the traditional bottle cap market. This is partly due to the high technical level and complexity of plastic bottle caps, and partly due to the rapid development of plastic bottles and paper-packaged plastic bottles.

In the development of the bottle cap industry, continuous innovation to meet the various needs of the market. Future innovations will focus on:

1. Endless innovations to meet the needs of more consumers, such as portable packaging, resealable packaging, quantitative distribution packaging, etc.;

2. Lightweight bottle cap appearance, meet increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, save increasing raw materials and energy costs;

3. Wide-mouth bottle caps that are more convenient for drinking use a large number of beverages;

4. One-step opening system for paper-packed beverages will appear.

Development prospects of hot-fill beverage caps
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