What will be the pattern of China's construction machinery industry in 10 years?


This year, China's construction machinery industry is still very popular. After a wave of years of market downturn, the fortunate survivors of the enterprises have regrouped to welcome a new round of growth. The industry seems to have returned to 10 years ago overnight. Promotions, raffles, spare parts, oil products, retail sales and occupancy are all so familiar that people seem to have completely forgotten the pain they once suffered and are busy happily in their hard work. People without foresight must have immediate worries. In 10 years'time, what will be the pattern of China's construction machinery industry?

Peter Drucker, a master of management, said, "Strategy is not to study what we will do in the future, but what we will do today to have a future." Only enterprises with strategic thinking will be able to lay out for tomorrow, which also ensures that they can win in the future competition. Huawei began to develop chips more than 10 years ago, and six years ago started to develop its own operating system to prepare a "spare tire" for itself, so as to ensure that they will not be as lethal as ZTE in the face of "sanctions" in the United States. What preparations have we made for ourselves in the future?

Unfortunately, the booming market has blinded many managers of construction machinery enterprises, and they seldom think about the future and prepare for the future. What will happen to the construction machinery industry in 10 years? Let me make a bold prediction.

Ten years later, there will be a lot of * parts on the market. Although these parts are different from OEM equipment brand, they have the same quality and are more competitive in price. These parts greatly squeeze the market and profit space of the original parts and counterfeit and inferior parts. The law enforcement of the state industrial and commercial departments and the highly transparent information of the Internet platform make the survival space of counterfeit parts more and more. Small, the post-market will become more and more standardized. Like the automotive industry, the state will force manufacturers to disclose the technical specifications and parameters of equipment to encourage full competition; and the big data of equipment on the Internet of Things must also be open to users and service providers, which makes maintenance services very simple. Once the electromechanical equipment fails, the service providers will collect the operation data of the system at * time, judge the failure point and the solution in time, and the system will automatically find the parts warehouse near the user * and send the parts to the scene through the UAV to eliminate the failure in time.

Manufacturers will also cooperate with Internet platforms in depth. They first rely on Internet platforms to extend their service coverage radius, and then use Internet platforms to sell whole machines, second-hand equipment and spare parts, and provide services, which will enable Internet platforms to grasp more customer resources. A large number of users buy a variety of optional parts and equipment on the platform. The platform can even cooperate with manufacturers to become their own suppliers. They can customize the production of electric engineering machinery according to the needs of users. There is no difference between selling an electric excavator on the Internet and selling a component.

The law of attraction is that whoever owns more users is the market leader, and everyone else will come to work with them, which will make them stronger. Ten years later, enterprises are aware of the importance of services. Excellent services can retain users, traffic and popularity, and the future. Internet platforms that can provide different products for different users can undoubtedly provide more comprehensive solutions.

Ten years later, the industry's brand concentration will increase. Several large brands of equipment still occupy the technological advanced plateau. Their customer groups are also concentrated in some big customers. With the support of 5G network environment, they are developing more and more intelligent construction equipment to meet the needs of those high-end customers. For example, before the construction of a project, the unmanned aerial vehicle is used to carry out the ground survey to determine the amount of earthwork to be excavated at each coordinate position, and then the unmanned engineering machinery and equipment enter the site. According to the exploration ground curve and construction drawing, the construction is carried out according to the program control, which not only greatly improves the construction efficiency, but also avoids safety accidents, and the number of required equipment is reduced by half. 。

What will be the pattern of China's construction machinery industry in 10 years?
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