Is it a trend to seek intelligent automation plants in all fields?


China has become the world's factory, manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of our country, but the technological differences with developed countries make our country can only engage in labor-intensive industries, low efficiency and low profits. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing equipment is the key to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Because the main characteristics of intelligent manufacturing equipment system embody the intellectualization of manufacturing production, which means improving production efficiency in essence, China will also vigorously develop. In the future, the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will also develop towards automation, and the construction of automated factories is the trend.

Intelligent manufacturing is the key to the backwardness of manufacturing industry and forced transformation

In the future, the development trend of intelligent manufacturing equipment in China is automation, integration, informatization and greening. Automation embodies that the equipment can complete the automation of manufacturing process according to user's requirements, and has high adaptability to manufacturing objects and manufacturing environment to realize the optimization of manufacturing process; integration embodies in the integration of production process technology, hardware, software and application technology, complete sets of equipment and high interdisciplinary levels such as nanometer, new energy, etc. Integration of technology makes equipment upgrade continuously; Informatization is embodied in embedding sensor technology, computer technology and software technology into equipment to improve the performance and intelligence of equipment; * Greening is mainly embodied in the whole life cycle from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap disposal. The negative impact of the environment is minimal, which makes the economic and social benefits of enterprises coordinate and optimize.

Is it a trend to seek intelligent automation plants in all fields?
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